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Will Damon and Elena be together in later episodes of the vampire diaries? All I know is that Stefan will once again taste human blood in Season 2 and there will be more scenes between Damon and Elena. In Season 2, Stefan will once again taste human blood and there will be more scenes between Damon and Elena, so anything could happen. There is any chance at all that in the vampire diaries tv show Elena and Damon will fall in love? According to all the new blogs and the TV Series Guide Book, Damonand Elena do have some romantic moments later in Series 2, butapparently that’s not enough for Elena to break up with Stefan. In the current most recent season season five and a little beforeseason four ends, the two end-up being t…ogether even after Elena’ssire is cut-off from Damon. The two are in love as of right now,however, Elena does still think about Stefan but it’s not clear atthe moment if she’s going to break up with Damon to go back outwith Stefan, we’ll have to wait to see later in season five ifanything happens about the relationship in this new season. In “The Struggle” she becomes a Vampire and dies, then comes back in “Nightfall. By the way Twilight came up in and The Va…mpire Diaries was out in the 90’s.

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So when you see, you want it to win. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time. And you could see it onscreen.

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You’re my sister and I love you, no matter what you choose. Although Jeremy and Elena are biological first cousins, they’ve been raised together as siblings. After their parents die, they wanted to help and protect each other. Although they sometimes were led apart, they still seemed to retain their closeness as siblings. They loved each other and were always willing to risk their lives to save one another. They had a bond that no one could ever break.

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Conception[ edit ] In November , while the early second season of Lost was airing, The Hollywood Reporter reported that twenty-two mobisodes—each spanning several minutes—were expected to be produced in December for a January release. A deal previously unheard of was negotiated in April, [13] which allowed guild members involved to collect residuals.

According to Touchstone’s executive vice president for production Barry Jossen, who would eventually serve as an executive producer on the mobisodes, “They seem to be under the impression that we’ll make millions of dollars and they won’t”.

Discussion (Spoilers) Elena was sired to Damon the entire time. I don’t give two shits who’s dating each other. I’m talking about the writing and the story. How in the world did you equate this to Elena being sired to Damon the entire time after 4×15 the show clearly states it was Elena.

Advertisement — A baby is born. Advertisement Little Stefan Salvatore comes into the world. Advertisement — A vampire is born. Advertisement — A doppelganger is born. Advertisement May — Stefan saves Elena. Advertisement May to September — Stefan researches Elena. Advertisement This time, Elena is conscious. Does this make them an official couple? What more does she need to know? Advertisement Elena tries to convince Bonnie Kat Graham that Stefan is decent by having them both to dinner. Stefan gives her a vervain-filled necklace, the vampire-equivalent of a promise ring.

Advertisement While Elena is ready to forgive and forget but not in a mind-erase-y way , Stefan wants the killing to stop and decides to leave town, alone. Advertisement Elena tells Stefan she loves him.

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Who does Damon end up with in The Vampire Diaries? So far it is unknown who Damon ends up with I am hoping Elena!! The first time they kiss in the books happens in ‘The Struggle’.

sort of. Damon rushes to Elena and picks her up in a hug before realizing something. In an instant, he drops Elena, mostly because she’s Katherine.

I continued stroking her hair whilst staring at the moon from my bed. I fell asleep to the steady rhythm of Elena’s heartbeat and I realized it had become my favourite melody. Klaus and Elijah are nowhere to be found. Stefan and Elena broke up after Jenna’s funeral so he left town with Katherine. Stefan found a cure for Damon’s bite. Damon and Elena have gotten closer as friends. Could be a one shot. I might continue if I get at least 15 reviews on this.

Teddy in my lap.


Edit John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming found love in each other and then the finally found out they were having a baby. John had a brother, Grayson Gilbert, and he had a wife, Miranda Gilbert. Near birth, Isobel found Grayson and said she needed help. She gave birth to a baby girl, and a thew days later, Isobel disapearred. Grayson and Miranda wanted a baby, but it wasn’t happening, so they decided to adopt the baby girl and called her Elena.

May 26,  · Storyline; After Elena told in season 4 that she really loves Damon Damon decides to ask for her hand. It is a promising wedding with all the trimmings. Honeymoon Elena gets .

Lily 17Why does Stefan’s nephew hate vampires? Speaking of Stefan’s relative his Uncle Zach who lives in the Salvatore house, has a very strong hatred for his vampire ancestors. He is a member of the council, a group of locals who try to protect their small town from supernatural beings. He grows vervain, a herb that weakens vampires, in his basement and supplies the council with it for themselves and their families.

When Stefan and Damon come to town he makes it very known that he doesn’t want them there. They killed his parents He didn’t have a reason He didn’t approve of their lifestyle He loved vampires 18How does Stefan’s mom die? Stefan lost his mother at a very young age. Once she was gone there was no one to protect him from his father and his anger so Damon did his best to take the brunt of it. Nevertheless, Stefan’s childhood was cut short the day that his mother died because he blamed himself for her death.

He was unable to complete the last task that may have saved his mother’s life.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Spoilers: Damon Dies, Sees Elena In Finale?

When the pair announced they were dating back in , it wasn’t exactly shocking. It even seemed as if their off-screen romance was a driving force behind their on-screen love affair. However, not all Hollywood romances have a happy ending.

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From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful.

In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother. She later discovers, from warlock Luca Martin, that the only way to kill Klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill Elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches. Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon’s to trick Klaus.

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Edit When confronted by Alaric , Damon confirmed that he indeed turned her into a vampire on her own request, but that he only did it because he liked her. Later, Elena dialed her number after finding it on the phone of a man she had compelled. Isobel picked up but she hung up after she heard Elena’s voice. When John came back to town, he told Damon that he had sent her to him, but he didn’t know that she wanted to become a vampire.

She later showed up at the Grill and confronted Alaric. Isobel greets her former husband.

Isobel forced Elena to get the device from Damon, and she knew that Damon loved Elena. Elena did give Isobel the device, not knowing Bonnie did not take the spell of it so It wouldn’t harm vampires. During the Founders Day Parade, some of the tomb vampires planned and orginized to attack the Founding Famillies.

By Sara Guaglione December 15, Elena and Damon ended their relationship. New spoilers reveal that Elena will turn to Stefan for advice and solace when “Vampire Diaries” season 5 returns next month – does this mean Elena and Stefan will start dating again? Will Elena accept the break-up with Damon? We see how they’re both handling it.

It’s a fun introduction to the show,” Dries said about the next episode of “Vampire Diaries” season 5, which is scheduled to air January 23,

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MandiBierly It so is. So first Kai stabbed himself in the neck as Alaric held his dead, pregnant bride in his arms RIP, Jo and your love of wine. The Gemini coven thought Kai was irredeemable?

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But these couples were so cute, we couldn’t help but feel crushed when they split. They photobombed fans’ instas, trolled the paparazzi for charity , and generally just made us fall in love with them every time they were together, because they were just so freakin’ cute! But after Emma made a series of red carpet appearance sans Andrew, including to the Academy Awards where she was nominated for an Oscar, it looked like there might be trouble in paradise.

At first it sounded like they were just on a break, but then the heartbreaking news came that the two had really, actually broken up for realz after more than three years of dating. Sources said Emma reportedly ended things with Andrew after he had supposedly been in a “dark place” for months while filming his latest movie. Seriously, these two were sooooo in love and there was even some talk about marriage , but shortly after seemingly getting past that weird Justin Bieber drama flawlessly, the news broke that they had split.

But then their reps jointly confirmed the breakup , saying: We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time. This pair was totally adorable , and we were convinced that Patrick was absolutely perfect for the ex-Disney Queen after seeing Miley so happy for the first time since splitting from ex Liam Hemsworth.

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Teachers tend to be annoying sticks-in-the-mud who do nothing but spoil people’s fun. Parents are clueless , no longer care , or are either over- or under protective. And any other designated authority figures the kid might come across?

The ladies of Mystic Falls (who aren”t lucky enough to be dating a Salvatore) get turned down left and right this week on “The Vampire Diaries,” while Stefan, Elena, and Damon team up to.

Meredith Girl Damon takes Elena on his little road trip to Georgia. Elena, distraught over her resemblence to Katherine, decides to let loose with surprising consequences. Smith created these characters and the CW created this universe. I just play in it. I know I have unfinished Gilmore business but watching Damon is my new guilty pleasure. Besides, we never got to see what happened that night Rated M for what happens when the fireworks start.

Chapter 1 Elena felt… weird. As she slowly – and painfully – regained consciousness, she realized that the beat was coming from the radio, tuned to – a country station? She rubbed her head as she slowly opened her eyes. She noticed three things immediately. Damon shrugged, changing the station to generic rock and tapping out the drumbeat on the steering wheel. Elena turned her attention to the road and focused on the green sign on the side of the highway.

The Vampire Diaries: 8×16 – End Ending: Damon and Elena human together [HD]