Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

Did you know you want a vintage cast iron skillet? I apologize in advance for tempting you with visions of the perfect new addition to your kitchen ;-. Cast iron is a must have for all southern cooks, but you probably already knew that. Southern cooks use cast iron skillets for all manner of fried dishes as well as quick breads. I loved the healthy aspect of them, but often burned the outside of meat and left the inside undercooked. I was pretty new to this whole cooking thing and everyone I knew had teflon pans so no insight there:

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Go to our new site: We have a free eBook to help you find the date of your Wagner. Seasoning cast iron is a process and it is literally the foundation on which you cook your food. It is critically important to prolong the longevity of your cookware and protects it fromt the elements, namely moisture. If you ask 5 cast iron enthusiasts how to season cast iron, then you will probably get six answers.

Gate marked pans are the oldest of the old cast iron cookware; almost certainly antique. The gate mark is a remnant of the casting process that was used in the ’s. In around , this casting process was mostly discontinued.

He has worked in the company for 46 years. He recently announced that he will retire in two years. After that, Henry Lodge, who has served as president under Kellermann, will take the reins. I only live six blocks from here on the bank of the river. I ask him how he feels about what the company has achieved. We have a lot of passionate people. I think back when we were a fraction of the size, and we weren’t even putting skillets in a box at the time I arrived.

Original Recipe for Danish Aebleskiver (Pancake balls)

I ran across one today that was raw cast iron similar to your photo. Hi There Mike, Yes, I think so. Especially if yours looks like my picture with the raw cast iron. I do a lot of out-door camping and other activities with the family. I just got into collecting vantage Cast iron as a hobby. July 25, at 2:

While the iron pans are cast in molds, the steel pans are formed by spinning and stamping, allowing them to be lighter and thinner than cast iron. Seasoned Steel will heat up and cool down faster than cast iron.

If you’ve had any experience with cooking in cast iron, you’ll know there’s a difference between the modern-day cast iron pans and the classic antique iron cookware. Cast iron pans made today are heavier, with a rougher cast surface; whereas vintage cast iron pots and pans from the early 20th century have a far smoother cooking surface, and are lighter in weight and heft. This doesn’t mean modern-day cast iron pans are worse to cook with than antique iron, it only means they’re slightly different.

And if you know anything about acquiring and collecting antique 20th century cast iron, then you know that the brand names to look for are Wagner and Griswold. Collectors of vintage cast iron cookware often come across entries on eBay or other sites that promote a “vintage” cast iron skillet supposedly manufactured by Wagner in These items are promoted in this way in order to entice the buyer and make him think this is a genuine antique cast iron pan from the year — after all, it says ” ” right there on the pan!

In fact, this particular line of cast iron was manufactured from through This cast iron pan was manufactured between and It was not manufactured in If you come across a cast iron pan with this logo, you can rest assured that it is NOT an antique cooking pan from the late s.

Cast Iron Cookware, What You Need To Know

Daniel Gritzer] Serious Eats has become a pretty great resource for cast iron cooking, thanks to some of the articles Kenji has written on the topic, from recipes to care and maintenance guides as well as some serious myth busting. One of the wonders of cast iron is that it’s tough as nails, and can last for generations. For those looking to take their cast iron cooking to the next level, a nice piece of vintage cookware is a pretty sweet first step.

Cast iron cookware has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient china. In the middle ages over in Europe cast iron was considered just as valuable as other riches of .

In Denmark we have so many cooking traditions and especially in the month of December we basically live in our kitchen. There are just so many great Christmas recipes we have to make during Christmas. This recipe for traditional Danish pancake balls is probably one of the most famous Christmas desserts that the Danes love and eat during Christmas.

As said, these pancake balls are extremely popular in Denmark during the Christmas holidays and these are to be found in almost every supermarket starting from November until after Christmas. However, the ones you can buy at the supermarket does not compare at all to the homemade ones. The ones you make yourself are just way more delicious.

The first aebleskiver were originally cooked with small pieces of apples or sometimes applesauce as filling, from there they got their name. This is one of our best Christmas traditions and we always makes them several times during the Christmas holidays. Most of the times we stick with our traditional recipe but sometimes we add different kinds of filling inside the aebleskiver. This filling is added during the frying process. As filling, we have used chocolate chips, small apple pieces or different variations of jam.

The Aebleskive Frying Pan The frying of the aebleskiver are done in a special aebleskive frying pan.

Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

For me cooking with Cast Iron is old fashioned so, I thought it would post about how to season and care for cast iron cookware. As well as the recipe for those lovely biscuits pictured above. Well, I noticed every time I post a cast iron recipe questions follow about care and cleaning. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post a recipe for Skillet Buttermilk Biscuits and some cast iron tips thrown in as well.

The Potjie Pot Dating back to the ’s, “poi-key” (pot) and “poi-key-cos” (pot food) has been a traditional way of cooking. Since the Iron-age, the cast iron potjie was not only used for cooking, but also shrouded in mystery because witches and druids favored these pots for their rituals and ceremonies.

In the middle ages over in Europe cast iron was considered just as valuable as other riches of the era, such as jewelry and gold. Cast iron products manufactured in the United States was one of the first industries that was organized. Cast iron cookware has been one of the longest lasting types of cookware if not the longest lasting type of cookware out there.

There are preseasoned and enameled products out there today. Cast iron cooking products come in wide variety of shapes and sizes, not just for pans and skillets. You can find dutch ovens, roasters, muffin pans, corn bread pans and more. Because of technology, the iron alloys used in todays cast iron has improved it greatly, adding more strength and durability. Cast Iron Cookware Maintenance Original cast iron pans still need to be preseasoned as they rust easily and food will stick to it.

To preseason your cast iron cookware preheat your oven to degrees. Avoid using a vegetable oil because it will leave a sticky coating on your cast iron cookware and will not be seasoned properly. Coat your pan with the desired animal fat grease and put into your preheated oven. After about minutes remove the pan and discard any excess grease and return to your oven for 2 hours. This ensures that your pan has absorbed the grease into the pours of the metal.

It is recommended that this procedure is done a few times to strengthen your seasoning bond.

How to Restore Vintage Cast Iron Pans

First, it came for eyeglasses. And then it came for makeup. It came for mattresses, and razors and erectile dysfunction pills.

Cast iron pans are great for gas hobs as they can withstand the high temperatures. They can also be bunged in the oven at full whack or used on barbecues. They are usually compatible with.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December An American cast-iron Dutch oven , Bare cast-iron vessels have been used for cooking for over two thousand years. In Europe, before the introduction of the kitchen stove in the middle of the 19th century, meals were cooked in the hearth or fireplace , and cooking pots and pans were designed for use in the hearth.

This meant that all cooking vessels had to be designed to be suspended on, or in, a fireplace. Cast-iron pots were made with handles to allow them to be hung over a fire, or with legs so that they could stand up in the fireplace. In addition to Dutch ovens , which were developed with the onset of the Industrial Revolution , a commonly used cast-iron cooking pan called a spider had a handle and three legs used to stand up in the coals and ashes of the fire.

Cooking pots and pans with legless, flat bottoms were designed when cooking stoves became popular; this period of the late 19th century saw the introduction of the flat cast-iron skillet. Cast-iron cookware was especially popular among homemakers and housekeepers during the first half of the 20th century. Most American households had at least one cast-iron cooking pan, and brands such as Griswold and Wagner Ware were especially popular.

My Collection of WagnerWare, Wagner “Sidney”, and Sidney Cast Iron Skillets