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One clip of the post-review stinger, which features Jareth ‘s army of Goblins parading around, has the theme from Fraggle Rock dubbed over. The Fraggle Rock theme is also used briefly in the stinger for the review of the Disney movie Frozen, this clip involving the rock trolls. Ah ah ah ah ah! In the post-review stinger for the review of It Follows, a scene showing one of the girls riding her bike in the playground is accompanied by ” Couldn’t We Ride ” playing in the background. Fred In Fred Goes to the Movies! And, in the end, two people appear in Statler and Waldorf masks. The videos feature a selection of hand-and-rod puppets ; the two main video hosts are Mario the red wild-looking puppet and Fafa the groundhog. In one video, Mario answers the question “Is Mario related to Elmo? The Borg ends up assimilating Elmo, who becomes ‘Elmodicon of Borg’.

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Each had a theme about the drawbacks of living and dealing in an online world. One of them, produced and co created by Phelan Porteous, was a humorous look at cats overtaking the web and most political governments as, I believe, a form of blowback from exploitation of their foibles and tricks in viral videos. Brad Jones had done what would turn out to be a pilot for a series of his that resembled the actions of Michel Gondry’s underrated gem Be Kind Rewind.

The moment you’re bitten, you become one, and if you still want to live among humans, best keep your now regenerating brain with you, because if zombies don’t .

Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don’t have to! He is usually a short-tempered movie critic who reviews movies from the 90’s era backwards but at times acts as a villain. He is played by Walker himself, and subtle hints throughout the series hint that “Douglas Darien “Doug” Walker” is the Nostalgia Critic’s true name. Contents Kickassia The Critic’s M. Bison costume during his rule.

The Critic discovered the micronation of Molossia, and becomes obsessed with taking it over and ruling it. The Critic personally attempts to solely take control, but was met with the door slammed in his face by president Kevin Baugh. The Critic decides to call upon his fellow reviewers to help him with the takeover. He motivates them with promises of continuing the invasion across the world and the second attempt was an utter failure, as the entire group was chased away by a single Uzi pulled out by Baugh.

Phelous suggests using weapons, which the Critic takes as his own idea and dresses up as M. Bison, leading the charge and successfully taking over the nation. During the next few weeks, Molossia, now Kickassia, begins to have financial problems, and the Critic does nothing but sit and watch Hogan Heroes while stealing Phelous’s ideas. Baugh, in his alter ego, inspires the others to contemplate the idea of being President and gives them a receipt for 20, pounds of dynamite, signed by the Critic himself.

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The long-rumored, much anticipated site update is finally upon us. In two weeks, thatguywiththeglasses. The site is already up and running and Rebochan 04 December I have to admit I don’t really go anymore all that regularly, and from what some of the producers admitted over at SomethingAwful, their traffic has been way down for a long time. No idea whether the new talent pick up helped or not.

I do donate to a few Patreons for producers that I like, and I watch their work on their own channels now. Then again, it’s entirely possible that as a middle-aged woman, I fall safely outside their target demographic. MisterGrey 04 December I’d almost forgotten tgwtg existed. I haven’t watched him for so long it’s kind of amazing to know he’s still around. When it was just Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick, it was a fun project. After a point, it seems the whole endeavor so big that the fun sort of dried up and it just became too overwhelming.

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The pair first met on a school and church and have known each other ever since. The actor then responded with the most romantic answer. Tiffany and Nichkun gradually drifted apart since they had less time to be together. However six months later, controversies have circulated stating that the singer and baseball player have parted ways. Although the pair is 10 years apart, they dated and enjoyed several pursuits such as golf, hiking and skiing.

Featuring global smash hit “Feel It Still” using the latest technology and top class venues in the CBD We already know that vinegar is a great weapon for fighting carpet stains, Snapchat features to use to find out if your crush likes you I was awakened by the.

A company spokesperson confirmed to Eater that all products bearing the celebrity chef’s likeness — including sauces, pastas, olive oils, vinegars and books — would no longer be sold at Eataly. Despite the products being pulled, however, the marketplace was still bustling per usual. Local New Yorkers and tourists alike crowded certain sections of the market and none of the customers who spoke to THR seemed bothered, with some even unaware, about the allegations against Batali.

The publication spoke to four anonymous women, who all claim Batali groped them without their consent, and two additional women have come forward since the story broke. Batali did not deny the claim. After the first wave of accusations, Batali apologized and announced that he would be stepping away from the day-to-day affairs of his businesses. Batali, who owns Eataly along with partners Joe Bastianich and his celebrity chef mother Lidia Bastianich, has a restaurant empire of 23 restaurants, five Eataly marketplaces and 11 cookbooks to his name.

ABC also announced that Batali would be stepping away as co-host of daytime talk show The Chew, and Food Network put plans to revive his Molto Mario series in on hold amid the accusations.

The Gigaverse

When a computer named Hal denies the protagonist’s request’s by saying “I can’t let you do that,” Phelous responds with this cut: I’m not using that Space Odyssey clip. It’s what they want! Also deserves a Crowning Moment for the beginning of his Pulse review, where he combines three of the more prominent ads that played on Blip at the time Fibre One, Madden NFL 11 – “Put your hands up”, and The Pillars of the Earth by having a skit of “I swear by all the advertisements, I will never care about your fibre.

The interruption by Jew Wario is hilarious. And now, I don’t care.

90’s Dude is still called 90’s Kid at this point Summary “You know, one of these days he’s going to be halfway through the review and we’ll have already saved the world without him.”.

I plan to write more about in the future. Ever since the s, the comics of DC have told stories about different universes. Their multiverse became so vast and complicated, that to celebrate their 50th anniversary in , DC decided to streamline it. The event Crisis on Infinite Earths involved an epic fight with a villain called the Anti-Monitor, which resulted in the five main universes being combined into one.

In , 52 featured the recreation of the multiverse, and in , Final Crisis finished the Crisis trilogy. The New 52 has proven to be highly polarizing among fans. Currently, The Multiversity, written by fan-favorite Grant Morrison, tells the adventure of the inhabitants of the New era multiverse. Telos, who appears to Superman in the form of past incarnations of Brainiac, lets Superman go back to his home with his memory erased when Brainac fails to retrieve the New 52 Earth.

Telos then decides to only let the strong survive. Gods Among Us series, deeming its quarreling inhabitants and their world a failed experiment. Then, the surviving heroes of Earth 2 arrive, but without their own city. Telos takes this as a sign to finally decide which cities are worthy of surviving by removing the domes and making their respective residents fight each other. In the process, Telos reveals himself to the residents of all the cities at once, saying that only one city will survive, and he will destroy anyone who refuses to fight.

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The knights rush to the stable where they find an empty stall, the lead knight who looks like Matthew Morrison turns to address his fellow knights. The tracks look fresh, all knights take ride and find this person alive. I shall inform Lord Tharagan. I know of you, you are a maiden of Tharagan, why are you here? Lea Michele Voice over:

rabidtictac: heh, i still laugh that dhi was right all along with the cruel jokes about liz being a man Assiman: He said “if you have to ask somebody else what happened in .

Also, it’s Christmarch dude! Didn’t you read the cal-end credits? Though I’m not one to be sad if it doesn’t happen, so no pressure here. This is the only surviving Power Rangers movie I own, and I got it for like under a dollar at Blockbuster Blockbuster doesn’t exist where I live anymore. March 15, at 7: I think I need therapy after sitting through that. I had pushed the bad memories of watching that into the back of my mind and you have to bring them back We have kidnapping, child labor, and blatant pedophilian overtones.

Who knows what other illegal activities are going on in the middle of the desert? My real theory is that the actors who played Jason, Zack, and Trini got an advance copy of this, realized how bad it was, and decided to get the hell out of dodge before filming began! Anyway, I’m off to drown my sorrows in leftover egg nog!

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The website was built around the work of Doug Walker, creator of the Nostalgia Critic, and is now home to several content creators who cover a variety of subjects, but the main focus is reviewing things. Due to the high number of personalities on the site and the subject matter, the community is more than a little dysfunctional and there’s been a lot of drama swirling around over the years. This includes infighting, content producers leaving under dubious circumstances and desperate cash grabs and media stunts.

Worst of all, there are demands that Lupa and everyone who dared to criticize Spoony (including JesuOtaku, Nash, Oancitizen, Holly Brown, Andrew Dickman, Phelous,and Welshy) be .

Zelinko In your mind, reading your thoughts. I’m sure a few will survive and continue to produce but I’ve gone from watching a bunch of people from Channel Awesome to watching pretty much just Brad Jones. I also listen to some of LordKat’s pod-casts his tech and video game podcasts are actually very business focused not not super comedic as mentioned by Lubaf he is a former Channel Awesome producer who jumped ship a long time ago and takes pleasure in calling out their bullshit.

He’s said that Michaud is basically a do nothing CEO that really doesn’t know what he’s doing and causes alot of behind the scenes drama with the producers. Given the events over the last 2 years I would say that those accusations looking increasingly likely to be true. Also apparently Channel Awsome has had some serious behind the scenes financial issues due to them renting that studio, so I won’t be shocked if they fold up or fade away soon.

You can tell alot of the producers of these videos are kinda giving up, some have gone on to get real world jobs and some have just plain faded away. Only Benzai seems to have actually made the jump to becoming a professional media personalty he is now on French television and is fairly popular. You could also perhaps add James Rolf AVGN as a success since he did get his movie made and released in theaters albeit in a very limited release.

Well Brad Jones got his own website and had it for years Hell I’ve just shifted to going to their blips directly to be honest to avoid the comments section and the larger player windows Also Brad’s almost got another movie done Shot on Shittieo although I’m not sure if Shot on Shitteo or some of his other side projects is why he shaved his head.

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Yes I did and they were more self insertcrap Lolki: Linkara is the alter-ego of “Louis Williams” who interits angel power or some shit Assiman: To be fair, the books were written when he was a kid banU2: OMG, those books would be worse, he was a teenager when he made them rpgworm: Scan that shit Girlfromspace Assiman: That was a scream BenCOmicGraphics:

John P.’s blog I hope you enjoy this blog, which I’ve dedicated to everything I love, and occasionally updates about my own life. But the company-owned Marvel and DC superheroes still topped the bestsellers lists. But then, in the early s, something happened to change the comics world forever. He claims that dating a high school.

She knew that she wasn’t just paranoid no matter what the others said. Now that she had proof they couldn’t deny it any longer. They’re making their move, we have to do something” she insisted as she came to the realisation he proof may have come a few minutes to late. What do we do? I feel a Cynthia Rothrock moment coming on” she smiled. She swooped the boots up off of the floor and left the room.


What is going on? And this card activates it. Cut to Eliza Eliza Dushku: James pulls out a Manilla file case This is every ounce of paperwork dating from April 28th until right now.

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Share Channel Awesome, originally known as That Guy with the Glasses, is a comedy website primarily featuring the work of Douglas “Doug” Darien Walker, a former freelance cartoonist who resides in Illinois. The website is primarily aimed at film aficionados and gamers as the majority of the videos posted on the website was reviews of movies or video games done in a humorous fashion. One tradition of the website is that most of the reviewers on the website portray themselves in-character as complete irrational fools.

Walker himself became known in early with the series 5-Second Movies on YouTube and later The Nostalgia Critic, a highly-acclaimed internet series in which Walker plays an incredibly cynical character who reviews bad movies and TV shows from his childhood. The Muppets have been referenced many times in various series. Henson productions are sometimes reviewed as well.

At the end of his review of the Super Mario Bros. While reviewing the Hanna-Barbera series Captain Planet, specifically an episode about gang violence, the Critic sarcastically tells the audience to change the channel to Sesame Street , saying that the writers of Captain Planet “don’t know what they are doing. Bum, a character also played by Walker from the series Bum Reviews, then takes over describing the plot of the film in his usual fast-paced style.

In a tribute to prolific movie poster designer Drew Struzan , the Critic comments on Struzan’s collaborations with the Muppets, and comments that he was even able to make Follow That Bird look like “a freakin’ epic. During a countdown of the top 12 “Greatest Christmas Specials”, ” A Christmas Carol ” makes the list and clips from A Muppet Christmas Carol are used as examples of the various variations of the story.

In response to a random musical sequence in the animated feature FernGully:

Clue VCR Mystery Game: Playing Chapter 1 – Phelous & Obscurus Lupa